Edmonton Line Painting Experts.

Who are we?

Black & Yellow Parking Lot Maintenance offers quality line striping, parking lot sweeping, and warehouse safety lines in Edmonton, with professional service, and affordable rates. We offer a superior advantage, combining well-trained staff and commercial-grade equipment to provide the best service.

Who do we Serve?

We love working with anyone who needs our services! We are friendly, professional and flexible to anyone’s needs. We have years of experience in line painting and sweeping and want to share our knowledge with our Edmonton and surrounding area Customers. We work with condos, apartments, warehouses, retail, malls, industrial parks, parkades and anything else with a parking lot. We can handle any size of project, even the largest parking lot in the world! That is right, we even line paint West Edmonton Mall, the largest parking lot in the world.

What are our Services?

Line Painting– We have exceptional experience and developed a perfect system to ensure that your parking stalls lines are straight, have same lengths from the curb, handicap stalls are squared, have crisp edges and no curb over-sprays. When we offer line painting, we ensure that we are using high end, fast drying traffic markings. We don’t cut corners on line striping, we always make sure we are spraying the parking lots with adequate thickness of paint, which ensures longevity of your parking lot markings.

Warehouse Safety Lines– Our team is backed with right industrial equipment to ensure that your safety lines will last and handle every day warehouse activity. We have heavy duty surface prepping machine, that fires small steel pellets to give texture to the smooth floor. This is a critical process, as no coatings will stick to smooth surfaces. We also have a wide access to industrial epoxy and coatings that works best for your warehouse lines.

Sweeping– Having the right kind of sweeping unit for the parking lot or parkade is critical. Black & Yellow Parking Lot Maintenance uses the right equipment for the job. For parkades, we use a low clearance sweeper with a vacuum system that prevents dust and debris being blown all over. Parking lot sweeping is critical as the gravel, dirt and debris damages parking lot surfaces easily. Also, can cause liability for slip/fall hazard if not taken care of quickly.

Parkade Scrubbing– This process is very important to have dust control and to protect the protective finishes of parking garages. Parkades are enclosed from the weather elements where it cannot be naturally cleaned. Therefore, we provide exceptional cleaning services for washing parkades. We use automated floor scrubbers to ensure that no dirty water is left behind after the parkade cleaning has been completed.


The Real Reason Why You Should Hire us:

Black & Yellow Parking Lot Maintenance has years of experience and a perfected system to ensure that you receive both best price and quality from us. We focus on inefficiencies of our business and try to eliminate waste, which costs money. We are the experts in the field and hold up to making these standards. We are not a multi-service based business where focus of skills and quality becomes lost. We want to develop long term relationship with everyone and build trust. We obtain trust by ensuring that we are reliable, dependable and consistent with our business activities. Give us a shout and you will be impressed and will want us to serve your parking lot, parking garage, shop and warehouse needs.