If your business needs parking lot striping or line painting in Edmonton, we are the experts! Black & Yellow is equipped to do line painting in Edmonton in recently constructed parking lots or parkades. We can repair faded parking line painting for your Edmonton business as well. This will help visitors avoid any confusion that could lead to parking errors that could potentially result in collisions and injury in your parking lot. If you trust the professionals at Black & Yellow you know your Edmonton line painting service will be done accurately and efficiently.

New Construction

Black & Yellow will take care of all your line painting needs. We provide outstanding layouts, with straight lines and flawless accuracy using the latest equipment. We follow architectural/construction drawings to ensure the best results.

Line Re-Striping

Parking lots experience harsh Canadian weather, which causes the painted lines to fade or crack. Black & Yellow can quickly bring life back to parking stalls by re-striping old lines. Our extensive line painting services provide top quality workmanship while accommodating your schedule.

Layout Planning and Design

We are backed with professional expertise and experience to help plan and design layouts for parking lots. Let Black & Yellow assist with the planning and delivery to ease your mind.

Line Removal

At times, the layout of the parking lot needs to be changed and old existing lines need to be removed. Black & Yellow provides multiple line removal options for you, while leaving little to no surface scarring.

Durable Product Choices

The industry is always growing, offering new and innovative products for parking lot line painting. Black & Yellow always utilizes the best durable products. We also provide a large range of products to meet a wide range of needs. The choices include premium traffic paint, MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), epoxy, and thermal tape, with many more options available. We can discuss your options for the best cost/durability solution.

Curb painting

We provide curb-painting with color/pattern options for traffic safety, fire, or pedestrian walkways.

Lamp Post, Bollard, Rail and Post Restoration

Metal surfaces with protective coatings do wear over time and can bring unsightly rust marks. We can maintain and protect lamp posts, rails and bollards by applying industrial-grade coatings. If rust has begun, we will remove the rust and apply a protective coating on afterwards to extend the life of the metal. This is a great cost-effective option to keep your property attractive for visitors.

bollard pic 2

Custom Stencils

Black & Yellow provides custom stenciling for parking lots. Stencils provide crisp sharp edges for arrows, words and even logos. We can place logos or names for parking stalls. This is a great way to reserve or control parking stalls.

Stall Numbering

Numbering the stalls allow the control, organization and reservation of parking stalls. There are different options such as size, font and placement. Let us refresh your existing numbers or paint new ones.


Black & Yellow can paint the concrete walls and stalls of parkades. We use top-quality industrial grade products to ensure that it will last. A great way to color code and brighten parkades. We have years of experience in painting that can be put to work.

Line Painting

Black & Yellow uses line painting equipment that can fit and work around in tight areas of parkades. This allows us to quickly and professionally complete the job of painting new lines or re-painting ones.

Custom Stencils

Black & Yellow provides custom stenciling option for parkades. Stencils provide crisp, sharp edges for arrows, words and even logos. This is a great way to reserve or control parking stalls. Other symbols can be used to help navigate traffic through parkades.

Durable Traffic Paint Lines

The most economical solution for applying traffic lines in a warehouse/factory. These products have long-lasting durability and can be extended further by placing a sealer on top. They come in different solvents and water bases.

Two-Part Epoxy

The most durable option for warehouse/factory lines. The product is mixed in two parts where it can dry very hard. Epoxy can withstand harsh chemicals, heavy traffic and other unique situations. There are a wide range of different epoxies to accommodate different environment needs.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is an abrasive method of roughing up smooth surfaces of concrete to allow the paint/epoxy to adhere. The shot blaster blasts steel beads into the surface, transforming it into a course surface like sand-paper. Shot blasters incur minimal scarring on concrete while being dust free. This is the best method known for preparing concrete for coatings.

Floor Sealing

Concrete floors can be porous and delicate if they haven’t been treated properly. Sealing them can help strengthen their durability. Sealing with industrial grade coatings will help keep the floors easy-to-clean and maintain a professional look.


What do we have to offer? We provide exceptional line painting workmanship in a timely manner. We believe in getting the job done right the first time. With our extensive experience, we are able to meet any demand and situation to ensure the best products for durability. We use high-end equipment to help ensure that the work is done accurately and professionally.

Do you need a professional line painting service to help freshen up your business parking lot, parkade or warehouse?