Parking lot sweeping is a common service that Black & Yellow performs for our customers. This can be especially useful after a landscaping or construction job and you need to clean up rocks, dirt, and debris from the lot before painting in parking lots. We can even take care of garbage clean up for established businesses in their lot or parkade. Black & Yellow performs parking lot maintenance services on a regular schedule for those businesses that require parking lot sweeping and cleaning.

Sand/Gravel Aggregate Removal

Black & Yellow uses industrial sweepers to sweep/pick-up dirt and gravel from properties while controlling dust debris. All dirt and gravel will be removed from the premise to be recycled.

Garbage Cleanup

We keep businesses looking fresh. Our team can remove unwanted garbage and litter from your parking lot on a regular basis.

Corners & Curbing

Black & Yellow ensures every crevice, every curb, and every corner is looking fresh and clean – We don’t miss an inch! For any spots the sweepers miss, our team will tackle them by hand.

Construction Site Cleanup

A great way for contractors to complete the construction site with a nice clean look done by us! With the proper equipment and tools, our crews work efficiently to save construction companies money. Job sites leave heavy debris like concrete, dirt, sand and metal pieces. Let our equipment tackle those tasks.

Sand and Gravel Removal

Black & Yellow uses low clearance sweeping machines for parkades to effectively sweep the sand and gravel that has been carried in from vehicles. This maintenance is critical to protect the concrete surfaces. If neglected, the sand and gravel will grind into the surfaces from traffic and wear the concrete finish.

Power Washing Services

Parkades are usually sheltered from the weather, which prevents the natural cleaning of dirt and mud from parking lots. Our advanced power washing equipment will wash away any remaining dirt and mud to bring the parkades back to looking new.

Oil/Grease Stain Removal

Oil and grease stains are very difficult to remove without proper cleaning techniques. Oil and grease spots seep into surfaces and remain while collecting dirt and dust, making them unsightly. Impress your visitors with spotless parkades by having Black & Yellow remove them.

Lights and Pipes Dusting

Most parkades have exposed piping hanging from ceilings which collect dust and dirt. We provide dusting and cleaning services for these pipes and light fixtures. This helps increase the air quality and cleanliness of vehicles in the parkades.


Why us? We provide efficient and optimal parking lot sweeping while controlling dust. We are dependable and follow through with our promises.

It is critical to have your properties cleaned to ensure longevity of parking lots, which allows proper drainage of water and preventing plants from rooting into the surfaces. Leaving the dirt and gravel will add excessive wear of the surfaces from traffic. Most importantly, this maintenance is an important liability measure for public safety from slipping and tripping due to sand and gravel.

Is your parking lot messy and in need of cleaning? Have a parking lot that needs repair? Do you need a professional line painting service?