New Crosswalk Painted

New lines painted with crosswalk.

Grande Cache RCMP Station

New layout of the Grande Cache RCMP Station.

Trailer Guide Lines

New line painting project in Edmonton for truckers. These lines help guide the trailers safely to the loading docks.

WCB Building

New layout over new patch sections of the asphalt at the WCB building.

New Fire Lane

We have flexibility on colours for your needs. We painted this fire lane in red.

Green Eco Charging Station

Newly installed electric car charging station.

Curved Stalls

We have flexibility to do any style of line painting, including curves!

School Playground

Line painting for playgrounds at a school in Edmonton.

West Edmonton Mall New Addition

Black & Yellow Parking Lot Maintenance having equipment lifted to upper level parkade where the ramps were not installed yet. This is at West Edmonton Mall.


Misericordia Hospital heli-pad was painted with lines and H symbol.

Warehouse Stop

Newly painted lines with an industrial clear seal on top for extra durability. The clear coat is currently wet and will disappear after it dries.

Southgate Charging Stations


Coating the surfaces with MMA for durable eco charging stations. This was completed at Southgate Centre.

New Arrows

Directional arrows and lines help guide traffic safely in a busy intersection of the parking lot. This visibility enhances safety and reduces liability.

New Parking Lot Layout

New asphalt with new lines painted. All of the lines are measured to ensure they are straight and even.

New Handicap Stalls

Newly marked and painted parking stalls for a gymnastics club.

Cold Lake New Parking Lines

New retail centre in Cold Lake. White traffic paint was used here.

No Parking Zones


This retail shop wanted to prevent customers parking along the building. We placed new hatching with no parking signs on the asphalt and building.

Doubled Line Parking Stalls

New layout of parking stall lines with doubled looped lines to ensure enough space between visitors when they park.