Dealership Service Facility Lines

New safety lines installed at a dealership. Coated for extra durability.

New Safety Lines in Warehouse


New warehouse safety lines, shot blasted, traffic paint and sealed.

Shot Blasting


This is an example how shot blasting properly prepares the smooth floor for adhesion of line painting.

Potato Storage Facility


Wide lines placed with two-part epoxy for storage of potatos in a temperature controlled facility. The lines have been prepped with shot blasting before hand.

Warehouse Facility With Durable Lines


Completion of new safety lines in a warehouse facility. Shot blasting was done before applying two part industrial epoxy.

Fedex Facility


This is a closeup result of the proper preparation of the floor. The path for the lines were shot blasted to ensure proper adhesion of the traffic coating on top.

Warehouse Arrow

New lines and arrows placed in isles for appropriate traffic control of fork lifts.

Warehouse Lines For Pallets

Repainted lines in a warehouse.

Warehouse Refrigerator

Repainted the lines in a warehouse’s storage refrigerator. We use high quality solvent traffic marking paint that can be applied in lower temperatures.