Edmonton Traffic Signs Experts

Traffic control is a an essential part of parking lot maintenance for your Edmonton business. Black & Yellow can help you reduce some of the risk to drivers and pedestrians by painting traffic signs for your Edmonton business on the pavement with customizable stencils. We also install traffic signs in Edmonton, along with other traffic control devices such as barricades, bollards, and wheel chocks. We even do speed bump installation. When it comes to traffic barricades and signs in Edmonton, Black and Yellow is ready to help!

Signage Installation

Black & Yellow can install high-quality traffic signs in Edmonton to safely direct traffic on your property. We provide custom signage and have multiple installation solutions. All our Edmonton traffic signs are installed safely and securely.


Large concrete Edmonton barricades and signs are great for enforcing traffic control and the protection of property. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your traffic control needs.


An Edmonton bollard is an important barricades for protecting buildings and objects from getting damaged by vehicles. Their small footprint allows them to be placed anywhere. They are made out of steel and are usually filled with concrete. They are perfect for drive through windows and can be protected with plastic sleeves. Contact Black and Yellow today to find out more about getting a bollard for your Edmonton business parking lot.

Wheel stops

There are more ways to control traffic in Edmonton than just with traffic signs. Also called wheel chocks, these are excellent barriers. They fit at the end of each parking stall and are high enough to stop the wheels of vehicles and low enough to avoid damaging most vehicles. Edmonton’s wheel chocks help align parking lots in winter and protect buildings. Wheel stops can be made of concrete or heavy duty rubber. If you want wheel chocks for your Edmonton business, call Black and Yellow today.

Speed bumps

Necessary for speed control in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. Black & Yellow offers installation of many different types of colors and materials. They can be secured to asphalt and/or concrete.


Having the proper traffic signs in Edmonton and other control pieces reduces the risk of incidents on your property. Black and Yellow utilizes heavy duty equipment when required, and has the knowledge and expertise to plan and layout the proper Edmonton traffic signs and controls throughout your property.

Having the proper traffic control reduces any risk of incidents on your property. Black & Yellow has heavy duty equipment to use when needed, and has the experience and know-how to plan and layout the proper traffic controls and signs throughout your property.